L-Ornithine Supplements

L-Ornithine Supplements

Ornithine Aspartate Decarboxylase and Ketoglutarate

When people experience high ammonia levels in their blood stream, they will need to take a medication that counteracts the making of ammonia. People often are missing an enzyme to help convert the nitrogen into urea. People will experience negative health effects if they do not control the ammonia concentration in their blood. They will often take ornithine aspartate daily to prevent ammonia production.

This medicine has recently been approved for use in the United States. People in Europe have used the medicine for years to treat high concentrations of ammonia in the body. People who take this medicine will mix one teaspoon in one glass of juice or water. This helps bodies absorb the medicine quicker than if it was in a time-released capsule.

The way that ammonia is produced in the body, is during protein digestion. The liver will clear the bloodstream of ammonia, and excrete it out of the body through the urinary system. When a person's liver is not functioning properly, or is damaged, the ammonia concentration will build up in the body, which will lead to serious health problems.

High ammonia concentration will start to damage the nervous system, and cause confusion in patients. People who do not realize they have a high ammonia concentration will often feel disoriented, feel tired all the time, and have muscle weakness. People will also experience symptoms from kidney failure or liver failure.

People who have a drug or alcohol problem will often have higher ammonia concentrations in their bloodstream. People that have a drug or alcohol addiction will often go through rehabilitation programs. This will help clear up their livers and kidneys, and the ammonia level will return to normal levels.

This medication also is for treating behavioral and biological issues caused by an increase in ammonia in the blood stream. The medication helps keep the ammonia levels in check when it is taken as instructed. It also helps in treating neurotoxic conditions that patients experience when the ammonia damages their nervous system.

Patients who are in the terminal stages of cirrhosis will take this medication. Doctors prescribe this medication to treat people who have liver and kidney damage and diseases. The drug helps to neutralize the ammonia levels that the liver cannot filter out.

Patients who have high levels of ammonia in their blood stream, or have failing livers will take ornithine aspartate to lower ammonia concentrations. Increased levels of ammonia happens when there is a deficiency in protein digestion. The ammonia will go through the urinary system after the patient takes the medication. High ammonia levels in the body will cause permanent damage to the brain and the central nervous system. People who are not diagnosed with high levels of ammonia will go into a coma, or even die if they are not treated. If people have a drug and alcohol problem, they need to go to rehab to cure the disease. This will allow the liver to process the higher concentration of ammonia produced in the body.


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